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Google tends to give weight to keywords in the domain name and this increases the importance of selecting a good name.

Ultimately, one of the most important things for your domain name is using something that people will remember and like.

  • AdvertisingPhuket.com     42,000 THB
  • KrabiRentACar.com     32,000 THB
  • PatongView.com     32,000 THB
  • PhuketAudit.com     22,000 THB
  • PhuketCarRentCompany.com     36,000 THB
  • PhuketRealEstateDir.com     20,000 THB
  • PhuketRealEstateDirectory.com     20,000 THB
  • PhuketRentalApartments.com     38,000 THB
  • PhuketRoomRent.com     28,000 THB

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