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Electrical Safety nsultants

Electrical Safety Consultants

Independent Electrical Design, Inspection, Testing and Certification to BS7671:2008

Based in Phuket and servicing clients within Thailand and throughout Asia, Electrical Safety Consultants offer independent design, inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations to both Thai and international standards.

  • Electrical Safety nsultants

    Wires twisted onto fuse: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Electrical Safety nsultants

    THW cable used for power supply: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Electrical Safety nsultants

    Exposed live conductors: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Electrical Safety nsultants

    Non-sheathed wires in walkway: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • Electrical Safety nsultants

    Bare conductors forced into sockets: NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Some of the benefits of our services include

  • Peace of Mind
  • Improved Safety - Minimised Risk of Electric Shock or Fire
  • Reduced Material costs by Elimination of Over Specification
  • Increased Sales Value
  • Increased System Lifetime
  • Increased System Reliability
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums

Why Chose Our Service

The benefits listed above help to justify the need for independent inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations. Firstly the present-day situation concerning electrical installations in Thailand needs to be considered carefully. Our inspections are performed following the British IEE Regulations, a widely accepted standard for inspections, testing and certification.

Aside from the obvious there are very real safety benefits along with many not so obvious benefits. Our knowledge is your assurance.

Our Services

Our many services are available for domestic dwellings, condominiums, resorts, hotels, offices, factories, schools, hospitals, marinas, shops and restaurants, and nightclubs.

  • Electrical Designs and Specifications
  • Electrical Installation
  • Final Inspection, Test and Certification
  • Inspection and Test of Existing Installations
  • see the contact form for other available services

A Guide to Electrical Safety

It is an unfortunate fact that, in Thailand, consumer safety regulations are not rigorously enforced. As a direct result, electrical appliances are often supplied and operated in an unsafe condition.

Hot water heaters and how to survive them

Things you should know about electrical safety in your home.

The reader may be surprised to know that there are electricity regulations in Thailand: the Engineering Institute of Thailand Standards for Electrical Installations 2551.

The regs are not easy to get hold of; I ordered our copy from the Chulalongkorn University Bookshop and I have yet to find another electrician on the island who has a copy. Contrary to popular opinion, water is not a particularly good conductor of electricity. In fact, totally pure water is a pretty good insulator. However, the wet human body is an excellent conductor.

Please take a few moments to visit our Electrical Safety Consultants website.

Electrical Safety Consultants

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Electrical Safety Consultants
Address: 98/8 Soi 10, Moo3
Kamala, Kathu
Phuket 83150 Thailand
Tel: (66) 076.385.477
Cell: (66) 089.074.1671
Email: info@elec-safety.com
Contact: David Robertson, Chief Engineer
Electrical Safety nsultants

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