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Phuket chamber of commerce has purposes as follows:

Supporting any businesses for the benefit of trading industries, finance, and economics in Phuket for example:

  • Collecting statistic researching about commerce and economics
  • Announcements of trading information
  • Supporting tourism industry
  • Product origin certification
  • Quality of products standardization
  • Products exhibitions
  • Judging the trading argument

Consulting and suggesting to members about commerce, industries, agriculture, finance, or economics and helping

Cooperation with Government Sector

The Thai Chamber of Commerce acts a central organization to collect opinions and recommendations in siolving and developing economy to the government and related authorities.

Provincial Economical Development

The Thai Chamber of Commerce had disseninated ideas and philosophy of the operation of the chamber of commerce institution to businessmen in the provincial area until their were provincial chamber of commerce established in all of the provinces in the country to be core private sectors that facilitate the coordination with the governmental sector to develop the locality.In addition, The Thai Chamber of Commerce of Commerce had established a Border Trading Committee, to promote a development of border trading and collaboration with neighboring countries around the border, to overcome any problems or obstacles as they may occur.

Coorperation and Promotion of Trade with Foreign Countries

The Thai Chamber of Commerce is a representative of the THai private sector in facilitating and coorperatingwith governmental and private institutions in foreign countries. In addition, the Thai Chamber of Commerce has also formed the trade representatives to go out for contact and negotiation to expand commerce and investment channels aboard as well as to organize the meeting between the member and foreign trade representatives who visiting Thailand for business negotiation.


The Thai Chamber of Commerce has realized the importance of education. Therefore,it had established the College of Commerce in 1940 prior to world war II, and continuously developed until being recognizedas a leading private educational institute of the country and being approved to change its status to University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in 1984.

Coordination with other Boards

The Thai Chamber of Coomerce has participated and coordinated with other Boards, both governmental and private sectors relating to the economical development of the country.

For more information we invite you to please visit our Phuket Chamber of Commerce web site.

Phuket Chamber of Commerce
Address: 1/1 Montree Road
Taladyai, Muang
Phuket 83000 Thailand
Tel: (66) 076.217.567
Fax: (66) 076.232.038
Cell: (66) 081.326.2506
Email: pktchamber@gmail.com
Contact: Khun Thamonpat Pinyo
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