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Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

Home Buyers Property Inspection FOR PEACE OF MIND!

A pre-purchase home inspection report is an investigation / report and survey, typically of a re-sale property to assess the condition of the property in Phuket at the time of purchase. Each Home Buyers Report is a comprehensive, yet simply explained, breakdown of the property completed with annotated photographs and clear action lists.

Phuket Property Inspections visual inspection covers all aspects of the property from structure, roofing and waterproofing to fixtures and fittings, electrical; plumbing.

Our report provides a summary of findings, various action tables, a detailed electrical report with an action table, photos showing the various issues highlighted.

Our findings form the basis of discussion between buyer and seller and when such items are open to final price negotiation the cost of a property inspection is frequently recovered before purchase.



  • SUMMARY OF FINDINGS - Our evaluation, photographs, action lists..
  • COST TO RECTIFY - Approx. 3rd party cost to rectify issues (if any)
  • STRUCTURAL - Foundations, beams, columns, walls, floors, pool
  • ROOFING - Design, structure, materials, cladding, flashing, guttering...
  • EXTERIOR - Windows, doors, garages, driveways & decks
  • ELECTRICAL - Wire condition, earthing, MCB / wire Sizes, IET / BS7671...
  • PLUMBING - Supply, drainage, ventilation, waste, septic, storm drains..
  • AIR CON - Design, spec, cooling & air handling, equipment...
  • INSULATION & VENTILATION - Heat insulation, environmental...


Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

These reports take the form of weekly or monthly on-line construction reports with photographs. We act for overseas customers who are building homes.

We work with developers and architects to become your experienced eyes and ears on the ground. We monitor excavation, foundations & footings. We report on construction procedure, electrical installation and plumbing works.

We check that roofing and waterproofing follows international guidelines. Our job is monitor the construction process however we will also intervene and advise the main contractor if we note some aspect of the build or construction process is sub-standard or corners are being cut.

Our on-line reports are normally made weekly, monthly or prior to payments on-line following site inspections and meetings the developer. They include daily logs, job status sheets, timelines and photographs showing progress.

Phuket Home Sellers Checklist REMOVING ALL OBSTACLES TO A SALE...

Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

A Home Sellers Checklist is a quick, simple and cost effective inspection report that aims to highlight any issues BEFORE the property is listed / viewed.

Sellers will contact us for a Sellers Checklist when the property is listed. The aim is to remove any possible last minute obstacles to a deal. Once a suitable viewing time is arranged PPI will meet the seller and walk the property together.

The report is a PPI LITE report meaning that, unlike the full Home Buyers Inspection Report, it contains only a summary of findings, recommendations and a checklist.

Our visual inspection covers most aspects of the property from structure, roofing and waterproofing to fixtures and fittings, electrical; plumbing. We inspect swimming pools and landscape and check for the presence of pests such as termites.


Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY... Each year in Phuket hundreds of people suffer electrical shocks many of them fatal. Villas and shop units alike on the island are frequently destroyed by electrical fires. Insufficient earthing, poor wiring, overloaded circuits and over-sized circuit breakers can mean the risk of shock or fire is present even in "high-end" villas. There is no grey area for discussion in electrical safety; only the right way and the wrong (potentially dangerous) way.

Our electrical inspection reports cover all levels from visual inspection through electrical testing to full engineering consultancy. Our standard PPI Electrical Safety Inspection Level 1 takes 2-3 hours for a typical pool villa and follows international (IET, IEE and BS7671) safety guidelines.

It covers the mains supply (tails), the adequacy of earthing; the general condition of the wiring; wire and respective breaker sizes and suitability and final circuits, outlets and appliances. We also highlight the presence of any wear or tear or other deterioration and any changes in use of the building that might have led to unsafe conditions. The report comes with an easy-to-understand ELECTRICAL ACTION LIST in English (& Thai if required) which can be used by any qualified 3rd Party Electrician to render the installation safe.


Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

We are normally contacted by home owners experiencing problems with drainage and waste water, knocking noises in pipe work, smells in bathrooms, broken pipes and excessive water usage (particularly in expensive high end developments).

We have been contracted by management companies and local authorities to advise on environmental issues such as waste water and treated effluent discharging in lakes and klongs.

Our reports are largely visual and our findings are presented in the form of diagrams showing pipe layouts, sizes and falls.

Whilst there are no internationally accepted regulations we broadly follow Australian plumbing codes which cover design & installation, replacement, repair, alteration & maintenance of water systems; sanitary plumbing and drainage systems; storm water drainage systems; ventilation and air conditioning systems and on-site waste management systems.


Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

We undertake full or partial roofing inspections for customers who have waterproofing issues. Our roofing inspections normally take half a day. Our findings, in the form of a report; will include a plan showing current and possible future areas of concern.

Phuket Property Inspections provides quick, easy to read reports and plans showing points of actual and future water ingress; comments on quality of roof construction and design and also an estimate of local construction costs by a 3rd party to repair or upgrade

Level of Inspection Phuket Property Inspections Roofing Inspection: Visual Inspection of Roof Exterior / Interior including Roof Structure / Steel Work / Insulation / Flashing / Tiling & Finishing Our roofing surveys are comprehensive investigations that identify current and possible future problem areas.

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Phuket Home Services Property Visual Inspections Summary Reporting

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