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Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Phuket Directory Advertising Brings the World to Phuket

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Our Core Business since 1998 has been to provide the largest Internet listing indes of businesses and servcies for Phuket and the surrounding areas. To date we have listed more than 2,000 businesses on the Internet becoming a true Cyberport for the world to connect with Phuket.

Phuket Directory is Working Worldwide 24/7

Our Directory Group is heavily used by visitors planning on coming to Phuket, visitors returning to Phuket, people and companies seeking new business in Phuket, and foreigners and local Thai people living in Phuket.

On-Line Booking & Reservation Forms

Working 24/7 means that around the world your customers are looking at you through your Directory advertisement and deciding to submit a booking form request to give you their business.

Our Directory Group lists approximately 1,000 local businesses in our listing index. This great number of web presence listings is helping to keep our directory concise and diverse, helping visitors pinpoint exactly what they looking for: Your Business, Your Service.

Our Directory Group has approximately 98 eBusiness-related categories.

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

The size of our Directory system allows us to provide a great number of categories which all cater to concept of being listed in the best eBusiness niche, and in turn helping visitors find what they are wanting in a easier, faster, and better way.

Our Directory Group receives approximately 3,000-4,000 page views per day

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Your web presence is all about relevant traffic. It is our work with Search Engines and continuously providing new content that helps bring traffic to your Directory Advertisement. This all means that a lot people are using our Directory Group to find resources that matter.

Our Directory Group presents the most concentrated listings for businesses and services in Phuket. In the same way that Google is one of the best places for a broad search, Phuket Directory Group is the best place for a local search.

Our Phuket Directory Group is the #1 preferred choice for listing, and for looking.

Advertising With Phuket Directory & Krabi Directory

Call Us by Phone

If it's between 9 AM and 6 PM pick up the phone and give us a call, 076.342.270 and we can explain everything you need to get listed. Or, you can send us an email with your phone number and the best time for us to call you.

Our Experience Since 1998

We have 11-years of experience making very effective, high Internet-traffic advertisements that cost only 4,922 Baht including VAT per year. Contracts start from the nearest 15th or 30th of the month following your final approval of the advertisement. Deposit is 2,000 Baht and can be made by ATM or bank transfer.

Our Design Service

You can offer your ideas and suggestions for a web design or we will create a personal design for you. Once a design is ready we will have you approve the final artwork used to make the webpage.

We Submit Your Directory Ad Into Many Search Engines

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Your final advertisement will be submitted to several dozen of the most important Search Engines.

Because of the number of businesses listed in our Directories, and the constant addition of new content Search Engines love us and crawl us continuously, which means you get seen.

Do you have your own web site? Many webmasters advise their clients to place an ad in our Directory because of the FREE LINK to their website. This is one of the most cost effective ways to bring significant Search Engine visits to their web site.

Your Next Step

Congratulations on deciding to be listed in our Directory. Of course there are more details like providing your company contact details and design suggestions. We can help you with collecting the material for the advertisement and start immediately.

Options to Consider

We can discuss some of the advantages of having your own Domain Name or a complete Web Site, but the place to start is your Directory Advertisement.

Email us or Call us TODAY and be SEEN TOMORROW...

Whatever You're Selling, We Can Help

Domain Names, Web Hosting & Web Sites, eBusiness

Domain Names

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Having your own Domain Name gives you a very professional look and feel. Our registration service is fast and easy. Think how nice it will look to have an email address that is the same as your business name. Join the hundreds of local businesses that rely on Phuket Directory to register their domain names.

Web Sites

We specialize at Creating Good Looking And Informative Websites. Get your own website for as low as 17,000 Baht. We have a website package to fit your needs and budget.   more details »

Web Hosting

Our servers are in the USA which means reliable, dependable, and affordable.   more details »

Search Engines

The more places your website is listed the higher your search engine ranking can be - this is because Search Engines rank you based on popularity and the more links search engines find back to your site the more popular you are!

We help your website earn those top rankings by providing good quality content that web users will actually find helpful and useful.

On-Line eBusiness Payments

Phuket Directory One Stop Web Design Services

Phuket Directory eBusiness services can help you through the process that allows you to collect credit card payments online. Contact our sales and marketing experts for details today.