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Morocco tourists make tracks on 007’s ‘desert express’
MOROCCO: Edouard Kunz knows timekeeping is important but the former Swiss watch precision mechanic ...
Staying cold inside: Chinese skiers cool off at world’s largest indoor ski park
CHINA: It was a hot summer afternoon in Harbin and tourists strolled cobblestone streets with the ...
Expert punts for Phuket Free-Trade Zone in Kra Canal push
PHUKET: A Free Trade Zone (FTZ) expert has called for Phuket to become the “test bed” for the ...
Featured – Phuket Gazette
Luxury property on the hillside of Ao Sane to be partially demolished
What makes a good rental villa?
Patong and Rawai worst hit from floods : Top Stories
FPO asks BoT to drop interest rate
The Finance Ministry has urged the Bank of Thailand to slash the policy rate by 50 basis points to ...
A call for innovation in disruptive times
There’s no denying that today’s business landscape is a battlefield with no rules; at times it ...
CIB tackles illegal drone flight threat
The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) is stepping up its suppression of illegal drone activities, ...
Beyond mobile messenger, Line seeks rebirth as Asia’s prime consumer platform: CTO
SEOUL - Line Corporation tasted huge success as it dominated major Asian countries' mobile ...’s CEO: We will make Thailand Asean’s hub
RICHARD LIU, the billionaire founder of, says he has set his sights on making Thailand a ...
Pheu Thai dismisses chance of Prayut returning as PM
MOST people would bet on junta chief General Prayut Chan-o-cha returning as the next prime minister ...

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