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Quick Links to Useful Information Pages

This page provides links to very useful information, lists of services, operational details and contact information.

Thailand Telephone Dialing
If you are placing a call into Thailand from another country first dial the country code for Thailand: 66 then the phone number without the leading zero (0). However, when dialing from within Thailand the leading zero (0) is required.
To phone the Austrian embassy in Bangkok from England dial: 66 2 344 6300.
To phone the Austrian embassy in Bangkok from from Phuket, Thailand dial: 02 344 6300.

When brought to our attention any reasonable error will be corrected. We appreciate that you please notify us of any corrections for the details on this or other information pages.


If you're in an accident, and need a translator, the Thai Tourist Police can help



Information Pages with Short Description
Page TitleDescription
Banks & Currency Information
List of Banks and Financial Institutions with links to websites containing detailed information and contact information. Also this page contains interesting information about Thailand Currency.
Commerce & Trade
This page lists Chamber of Commerce Offices, Trade Organizations, phone numbers and web links.
Embassies in Thailand
This page contains a list of Embassies in Thailand, Website Links to detailed information. Also on this page: Phone Numbers, Phuket Consulates & Representatives.
Emergency Phone Numbers
Phuket Emergency Contact Numbers for Police, Fire, Marine, Lost Credit Cards, etc. Also Tourist Police Safety Tips
Phuket Beaches & Local Islands
Phuket Island is surrounded by many beautiful beaches ranging from kilometers long down to 20 meters short. While some beaches are pounded by big surf others have only small waves hardly noticeable. Many beaches are visible from your car or motorbike an
Phuket Immigration Office
We are responsible for the procedures of permanent residents, residential certificates, alien registration, re-entry permits, extension of stay, issuance of permits, registrations and carrying out all matters related to foreigners in Thailand.
Phuket Places to Visit
Phuket Island Phuket Island has many interesting places to visit, many of which are easy to reach by motorbike or car. Another enjoyable way is to hire a tuk-tuk or one of the "green license" private taxis for all or part of a day. Many of these drivers
Privacy / Disclaimer Policy
The privacy of our visitors is important to us. We recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit and related websites
Thai Foods & Flavors
Thailand offers many interesting foods, many of which are unique to their region or provence. Even within the individual local areas you'll discover flavors and combinations only to be found at that restaurant or in that village or town.
Thailand Government Organizations
Government Organizations & Ministries, Airports, Marine, etc.
Thailand Holidays
Fixed and Movable Public Holidays & Observances, Descriptions
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) supplies information on tourist areas, publicizes Thailand and encourages Thai and international tourist travel within Thailand.
Universities in Thailand
Education Institutions, Public Universities, Government Universities, Rajabhat Universities & Private Universities in Thailand