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Phuket Kokosnuss Tours Kamala - -  Map
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If you're coming to Phuket don't miss Phuket's Most Exciting Special Tours Available!

Kokosnuss Tours offers Amazing private tours to the surrounding islands!!


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Phuket Kokosnuss Tours Kamala Phuket

Phuket Kokosnuss Tours Kamala Phuket

We will give you a picture of Phuket that will bring you closer to the Thai culture and make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

James Bond Island Tour

James Bond Island Tour

On a traditional longtail boat, we go on an individual tourist trip to Phang Nga National Park, where James Bond Island is located. Depending on how the water is, the tour will change a bit.

At low tide it would logically be very difficult to drive through the mangroves.

To the highlights of our James Bond Tour surely belong the James Bond Rock itself, the Malaysian gypsy village.

Swimming in lonely bays and 2-3 more things we would like to tell you about in a personal conversation! We are looking forward to hearing from you and are happy to be there for you personally!

Phi Phi Island Tour

Phi Phi Island Tour

This excursion is very popular. So that you can still have a nice day there, it starts at the coconut already at 6 o’clock in the morning. From here we will go to Chalong Pier and after a briefing we will go by speedboat for about 45 minutes to the famous Maya Bay (Phi Phi Don).

We will go to a breathtakingly beautiful lagoon which belongs to Phi Phi Don. After cooling off we continue to explore the landscape and you can see monkeys climbing on rock walls, sometimes jumping on the boat and swimming! Yes monkeys can swim!

The excursion Phi Phi Island includes Transfers, sweet breakfast, speedboat, lunch, English speaking guides, dinner at Kamala Kokosnuss on return.)

Maiton Private Island Tour

Maiton Private Island Tour

A private picture book island, which receives a maximum of 400 guests per day. Here you escape any mass tourism and can enjoy the day with clear water and white icing sugar beaches. Apart from the beautiful beach, you will have the opportunity to snorkel in a well preserved and one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the area.

The charm of the island is characterized by white icing sugar beaches, crystal clear water and a preserved coral reef. So you can not only enjoy a relaxing day on the beach, but also snorkel perfectly. The coral reef is only a few meters away from the main beach and no boat is necessary.

A variety of different corals and fish will welcome you. Please note that corals are very sensitive creatures that die at the slightest touch. So the rule is: Looking at the corals is allowed, touching the corals is forbidden! Depending on which corner of the coral reef in front of Maiton you swim in, you can even watch anemone fish (Nemo)

Tour includes speedboat transfers, free sunbeds, lunch and soft drinks, snorkeling & snorkeling equipment, dinner at Kokosnuss restaurant on return.

Koh Yao Tour (2 days incl. overnight stay)

Koh Yao Tour (2 days incl. overnight stay)

Another possibility to escape mass tourism is Koh Yao.

Koh means island in Thai and Yao means big. The so-called big island shows you Thailand as it was 20 years ago. Very natural, few hotels and fantasticly beautiful untouched landscapes.

Hype Luxury, Relax, Snorkel, Party Catamaran Tour

Hype Luxury, Relax, Snorkel, Party Catamaran Tour

What could be better than to sail with a luxury catamaran through the beautiful nature of Thailand?

Following our meeting and brief at Kokosnuss restaurant we will go on the catamaran where the tables are assigned but you can move freely and enjoy the comfortable cushions in the front area of the catamaran. – Here you can also comfortably soak up the sun.

Shortly after you have set off, the delicious buffet will be opened. Also culinary Hype-Tours offers a wide variety.

Well saturated, the first stop of the tour is waiting on Coral Island. A paradise of white beach and turquoise water. On the island, there are other opportunities to relax on the beach, as well as restaurants.

As is often the case, time flies too fast in a paradise and the tour continues towards Racha Island. Off the coast of Racha Island you have the opportunity to snorkel and refresh yourself in the pleasantly cool sea before the day slowly ends and we set course towards our home port.

As soon as the boat starts to move, the DJ on the catamaran will take care of the party mood towards sunset.

Big Buddha Tour Phuket

Big Buddha Tour Phuket

Explore Phuket with Kokosnuss Tours. This tour with a maximum of 10 people, far away from “the crowd” starting early in the morning at 5:30 AM at our German Kokosnuss restaurant in Kamala.

The first stop is the Big Buddha, which is waiting for you at sunrise. Only the monkeys and our tour guide will accompany you up to the Big Buddha, from where you can enjoy the beautiful view and experience one of Phuket’s landmarks.

Buddhism in Thailand is one of the most important pillars of everyday Thai life. On the way up to the Big Buddha, with a bit of luck you can also watch the monks looking for donations from the citizens. Buddhist monks live solely from donated goods and food.

Kapong Tubing & Elephant Trekking Starting in Phuket

Kapong Tubing & Elephant Trekking Starting in Phuket

If you're curious for a bit of action jungle and bathing with Thai elephants then our Kapong Tour is just the right thing for you! Kapong is on the mainland of Thailand. With a mini-van you will arrive at the Kokosnus Restaurant in Kamala. On the way you will get some information about the Elephants reserve and elephants like how old they get, differences between Asian and African elephants and their teeth.

The tour starts with cooling down in a river, where you can jump into the water or swim followed by instructions for tubing then go over to the river.

TUBING IS NOT RAFTING! In Kapong you will not raft tube. The difference between tubing and rafting is actually quite simple. In tubing you are alone on the tyre, in rafting there are several of you. You can enjoy the beautiful nature of Thailand and also have a little action in the program.

Afterwards we will go to the elephants. The elephants in this sanctuary used to live in worse conditions and now have a better life than before.

Included in the tour: transfers from Coconut Restaurant in Kamala, tour guide, tubing in Kapong, elephant trekking, bathing with elephants, lunch & soft drinks, dinner in the Kokosnuss restaurant (buffet excl. drinks)

Koh Rok Island Tour

Koh Rok Island Tour

Koh Rok Island – consisting of the two islands, Koh Rok Nai and Koh Rok Nok, the islands are about 30 km from Koh Lanta Island. Rocky, small and almost untouched, the two islands are home to a coral reef which is breathtakingly beautiful. The white and immaculate icing sugar beaches put the crown on the whole.

Here you have to enjoy nature, which is why there is not much more choice from the small ranger station and a restaurant. It is possible to stay overnight, but this mostly takes place in the form of camping, as well as in individual bungalows. We can also organise overnight accommodation for you, true to the motto individual tourism.

As part of the Mu Loh Lanta Marine National Park, Koh Rok Islands offer a breathtaking underwater ecosystem with sea turtles, moray eels, eels and black tip reef sharks.

There is also plenty to discover on land. The beautiful Koh Rok waterfall is one of the things to see here! There are no public boat transport services to the island. However, with us, Coconut Tours Kamala, you can explore this island paradise by longtail boat. With the longtail boat, however, we start from Koh Lanta. We can also start the tour from Krabi or Phuket.

Kokosnuss Tour Prices
Program Price
James Bond Island Tour Adult 3,500 THB
Phi Phi Island Tour Adult 2,900 THB
Maiton Private Island Tour Adult 3,500 THB
Koh Yao Tour (2 days 1 night) Prices for this tour vary
Catamaran Tour Adult 5,500 THB
Big Buddha Island Tour Adult 2,700 THB
Kapong Tubing & Elephant trekking Adult 3,000 THB
Koh Rok Island Tour Adult 3,800 THB

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Phuket Kokosnuss Tours Kamala
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