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Phuket Directory provides individually customized business webpages that are popular with visitors and local people looking for you.

Phuket Directory uses a Magical Search feature so you can be easily found by Business Name, Business Category, Business Location or Business Key-word Text. Fast, Simple, Easy!

To list your business in Phuket Directory your business must be situated in the Phuket Region.

Now You Can Choose The AdPage That Matches Your Marketing Goals With Your Budget

FULL Listing

FULL AdPage Listings

  • Are ideal for small and medium businesses that need the look and feel of a website but at a small fraction of the cost.
  • Allow the visitor to see your prices and contact you directly using a handy online form.
  • Are fully dedicated to your business and displayed without banners.
MINI Listing

MINI AdPage Listings

  • Are ideal for small, medium and large businesses that want to show their products and services to Customers and Search Engines.
  • Are very successful to bring visitors and Search Engines out to your website containing all your prices, special offers and real-time reservations.
  • Are fully dedicated to your business and displayed without banners.
FREE Listing

FREE AdPage Listings

  • Are ideal for a businesses starting their Internet visibility.
  • Help draw visitors and Search Engines out to your website.
  • Want only a quick reference to their contact details.
  • Want limited Search Engine recognition.
  • Are displayed with banners.

Prices & Information TABLES Are Available in FULL AdPages

Compare FULL, MINI & FREE AdPage Types
AdPage Feature FULL AdPage Listing MINI AdPage Listing FREE AdPage Listing
Your Personalized Custom AdPage
A Detailed Description of Your Business & Services
Lists of Services & Features
Up to 20 Pictures
Automatic Turn On / Turn Off Special Offer Box
Contact Details & Google Map
Search Engines Registraion
Visitor Traffic Report On Page
AdPage Displayed With Banners
AdPage Link to Your Website & Facebook
AdPage Types, Costs & Features
AdPage Type Booking Form Information Table TOTAL
FULL AdPage with Information/Prices Tables N/A 700 THB 3,300 THB
FULL AdPage with a Booking Form 700 THB N/A 3,300 THB
FULL AdPage with Information/Prices Table & Booking Form 700 THB 700 THB 4,000 THB
MINI AdPage (no Info Table, no Booking Form) N/A N/A 2,600 THB
FREE AdPage (Logo & A Short Business Description) N/A N/A 00 THB
  • AdPage Prices above do not include VAT
  • You can List Sales Conditions here...
  • Show any payment requirements here...
  • Extra charges apply for more than 40 cells of data.

One Directory Solution Benefits

GREAT Prices!

FREE AdPage @ 0 THB

MINI AdPage @ 2,600 THB

FULL Adpage @ 3,300-4,000 THB

Targeted Audiences We deliver viewing customers directly to your business.

Targeted Advertising We deliver your AdPage directly to your targeted market.

Visitor Traffic for last 90 days is reported on every page helping you optomize your audience reach.

Growth Visibility We add new content daily which keeps Search Engines happy which brings more visibility to you.

Trending Categories & Locations We report the most searched Categories, Locations and Info Pages.

Secure Environment All AdPages are delivered in a secure "https" environment.

Google GREEN All AdPages are HTML-5 validated.

24/7 Visibility We put you in front of your customers 24-hours/day 7 days/week.

Trusted Partnering We have been a trusted partner to local businesses since 1998.

SEO Experts Recommend Valuable SEO for your Business & your Website is gained by listing in directories.

We Put Banners Work For You
CONTEXTUAL (search-associated) BANNER Advertising Improves Your CTA (Click To Action)

Why should you have to hope that your banners are being effective? With contextual placement you can display your Banner Ads on pages that are directly relevant & meaningful to your business ensuring that your Banner will be seen by the people most interested in your business. Many banner sites simply toss your banner into a convenient space regardless of the page content or the viewer's preferences.)

We show the Visitor Traffic for the last 90 days to help you decide the best category and location pages to show your banner.

Limited Offer for Contextual Banner Pricing
Choose Your Viewing Target Based On The Average Number of Views per Day
Banner Details Pages with
10 views/day
Pages with
20 views/day
Pages with
30 views/day
Pages with
40 views/day
Pages with
50 views/day
Pages with
100+ views/day
Pages with
500+ views
Size 300pix X 90pix
Display 4 Months
50 THB/week
800 THB/4 month
100 THB/week
1600 THB/4 month
150 THB/week
2400 THB/4 month
200 THB/week
3200 THB/4 month
250 THB/week
4000 THB/4 month
300 THB/week
4800 THB/4 month
on request
  • Prices do not inclued VAT
  • Multiple placements receive discouonted prices
  • Contact Customer Service for other size banner pricing
  • We offer Banner Traffic Reporting & Google Analytics Custom Campaign support to help calculate your ROI (Return On Investment) directly through your website statistics!
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