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View MINI AD pagePatong Municipal Office
The Patong Municipality is the local governmental organization that is the management team formed from the votes of the people. They care for streets and rivers, education, culture...
View FULL AD pagePhuket Beaches & Local Islands
Phuket Island is surrounded by many beautiful beaches ranging from kilometers long down to 20 meters short. While some beaches are pounded by big surf others have only small waves...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce is a private institute that is settled by a group of people to support trading, industries, agriculture, finance and economical growth in Phuket. We welcome...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Immigration Office
We are responsible for the procedures of permanent residents, residential certificates, alien registration, re-entry permits, extension of stay, issuance of permits, registrations ...
View FULL AD pagePhuket Places to Visit
Phuket Island Phuket Island has many interesting places to visit, many of which are easy to reach by motorbike or car. Another enjoyable way is to hire a tuk-tuk or one of the "gr...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Provincial Land Transport Office
Our office is responsible for implementing the Driving License Process for both motorcycles and cars. We are also responsible for - Issuing Driving Licenses, - Renewing, Cancellati...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Red Cross Regional Blood Center
Foreigners have a much higher incidence (about 15%) of Rh Negative (Rh-) blood than Thais (about 1%, meaning for every 100 foreign accident patients who need blood, 16 of them will...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Tourist Police
We are here to help you. We facilitate communications and provide both Thai and international tourists with assistance and for protection on their interests. The duty of Tourist Po...
View MINI AD pagePhuket Vegetarian Festival
This is an annual event held throughout the Chinese world. Phuket celebrates this 10-day festival with parades and many scheduled functions at the various temples and shrines aroun...
View FULL AD pagePrivacy / Disclaimer Policy
We recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. Here is information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit PhuketD...
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