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Phuket Hash House Volunteering -

Support PH3 by Volunteering!

Sunday Morning, November 24th
We need a total of 90 Volunteers, and 2 standby.

Please note this page is NOT on the PH3 website
To return to the PH3 website Hareline page follow this link: PH3 Hareline page.

This page is undergoing continuous updating, please check back often. OnON Fungus

Phuket Hash House Harriers Volunteers for 2019

2019 is PH3's 28th year of marshaling for the Phuket Laguna Triathlon

This year we are volunteering ONLY on Sunday morning, Nov 24th.

Volunteers Latest Information Updates

LPT the Finger

Last updated NOW for Maps, Positions, Time to be on station, etc.

  • Sam Song & Where The Fuck Is Fagen are also involved organizing and can be contacted along with Fungus.
  • Please read the notes on this page at least once. There are some rules.
  • Newly updated PDF maps have been uploaded, and linked to from the Maps below. NOTE that numbers are not necessarily in sequence and some numbers are skipped. MOREOVER NORTH IS NOT HELD AS NORTH ON THE DETAIL MAPS. We will add directional to the copies we pass out with your shirt.
  • Shirts & maps can be picked up at the Sat Hash or on Sunday morning.
  • Shirts, maps and snacks/drinks will be available @ the BAKE Junction HHH from 05:15 - 05:45 Sunday morning. This gives you time to get to your location before the roads shut down. (NOTE that this is a new location for us to use. It is the final intersection before entering the Laguna complex and marked by BAKE restaurant on the corner).

Who Can Volunteer?

You, your family, your friends...

Standby & Training Help: Ideally we want a few extra volunteers to help cover last-minute situations (we've had several in the past).

If you haven't volunteered before this can help you to train up for next year while helping volunteers this year. And just think, you'll get to meet some other cool hashers and you even get a free T-shirt. Besides, what else are you doing at 06:00 AM on a Sunday morning?

Some Benefits for Volunteering

Over the years volunteers have described their positive interaction with the local police, the local security volunteers and the local people. Volunteering is a form of giving back to the community and is a great way for HHH to show our interest for local people living in some of the areas we laager in and run through.

Our PH3 GM and Committee are provided with a chunk of money that over the years has always come back to the Hash in many forms such as Saturday food, Gala Dinners, Hash Ball, sport equipment for students, needed supplies at an old-people's home, and more. Let the GM know your idea. Not volunteering for the previous two years brought a budget shortfall that caused us to raise our weekly registration fee to help compensate.

Contact Fungus by text sms @ 089.973.3483 or Email

Points About Volunteering

LPT the Finger
  • You will be standing in the hot sun for up to 4 hours on a hot tarmac road, much of which is fresh blacktop & even hotter. You need sun protection including broad hats, sun block, sunglasses and lot's of easy-to-drink liquid. If you have a small cooler it will be very handy. A stool or chair and umbrella are very nice when it's slow.
  • At your station check for dogs and ask owners to tie them up, remove rocks or sticks that may have fallen near there area overnight get people to move cars and motorbikes parked near turns that might interfere with the riders, put out the traffic cones, etc. Please park sensibly yourselves, spaces are tight.
  • Preceding the front riders by intervals will be several event vehicles to ensure course readiness, including Fungus & Sam Song checking on PH3 volunteers. Wave when you see them about 22-28 minutes before the front riders.
  • Remain on Station until the sweep vehicles pass you, which are usually the ambulances flashing their lights and a Laguna resort songtaew or truck carrying broken bikes. Sometimes the police leave earlier than the final riders, and sometimes there is still some last rider struggling behind the sweep. Please give extra help to all trailing riders, they're very exhausted and even get mixed up and head the wrong direction.
  • Your job is to assist bike riders safely getting through your location point. For vehicle-critical Points there is a policeman to help with traffic issues although you may find yourself being the more effective person doing the flow-control since you're the one in the intersection, the policeman quietly off to one side, a bit closer to the shade. Don't be shy to call them in when it gets tricky. Most important, let the policemen handle all conflicts; we only take care of the bike riders.
  • You are not allowed assist a rider without risking their disqualification. This applies to holding a bicycle for chain repairs or helping them up if they fall. Of course Emergency Aid is different. You will be given a phone number to call that co-ordinates ambulance and safety vehicles with your location ID.

Please check back often.

This is a List of Volunteers for Sunday November 24th

If your name isn't showing, use the email link and it will be.

We still need 12 volunteers. Please help find them.

  • Baldylocks
  • Billy No Mates
  • Billy's Only Mate
  • Bla Bla's Mother
  • Bla Bla
  • Bluey
  • Bunny Hop
  • Butt Cycle
  • Chlamydia
  • Coppersan
  • Cradle Snatcher
  • Drunk And Disorderly
  • Ejackulate
  • FA Cup
  • Floating Corpse
  • Fungus
  • Fussy Pussy
  • G-String
  • Gay Ray
  • Gier Box
  • Gerbil
  • Go Go Trump
  • Gone Already
  • Good Jobs
  • Gorgeous You Wanker
  • Hawaiian Ho
  • Heidi
  • Heru
  • Iceman
  • Invisible Man
  • JC
  • Lesser Dipshit
  • Lion's Peter
  • Little Nurse
  • Lucky Lek
  • Macfuehrer
  • Master Baker
  • Morning Snack
  • Mister Fister
  • Murkury
  • No Cup
  • No Moral Compass
  • Not Cleaver
  • Nothing
  • Oh Yeah
  • On The Game
  • Once Weekly
  • Ostrich
  • Paper
  • Piss In Boots
  • Pocket Billiards
  • Pole Position
  • Quasimodo
  • Rastajen
  • Repressed One
  • Saint Blow Job
  • Sam Song
  • Scrubber
  • Secret Agent Dick Gobbler
  • Shit Here
  • Sledgehammer
  • Spam O'Rama
  • Stroppy
  • Su Su Nona
  • Tiger
  • Too Old Too Fuck
  • Top Off
  • Turbidiot
  • Twice Nightly
  • Twiddle Dee
  • Twiddle Dum
  • Ultimate Fucking Cunt
  • Urine Trouble
  • WC Fields
  • Wet Wet Wet
  • Where The Fuck Is Fagen
  • YaBa
  • Yee HaHa
SUNDAY, NOV 24th Volunteering Locations, Times, Names
Position Time # Vol Course Location Hash Names Notes
1 06:30 - 08:00 2 สามแยกลากูน่า โกรฟ / Laguna Grove Junction Not Cleaver, Pole Position
2 06:00 - 08:05 2 สามแยกแคสเซีย / Cassia Phuket Junction xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
3 06:30 - 08:10 4 สามแยกลากูน่า ลิ้งค์ / Laguna Links Junction Gay Ray, Billy No Mates, Billy's Only Mate, Coppersan
4 06:00-08:10 2 งลากูน่า ¡าร์ค ถ¹ง โรงแรมบันยันทรี ภูเก็ต / Tony Restaurant Junction Butt Cycle, Spam O'Rama Use Pointing Finger
6 06:30 - 08:15 3 สามแยกซอยลายัน 2 / Soi Layan 2 Entrance Saint Blow Job, xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
7 06:30 - 08:20 3 งซอยลายัน 1 ถ¹ง อังสนาวิลล่า / Angsana Villa Intersection Once Weekly, Twice Nightly, Heidi
8 06:00 - 08:20 3 สามแยกร้านไก่ย่าง / Grilled Chicken Shop Junction Chlamydia, Little Nurse, Yee HaHa Use Pointing Finger
9 06:30 - 08:40 5 งอังสนาวิลล่า ถ¹ง ซอยโคกโตนด 3 / Angsana Villa Main Gate to Soi Kok Tanod 3 xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
10 06:30 - 08:40 10 สามแยกโคกโตนด ตัด นาสร้อย (ตัดÄหม่) / Soi Kok Tanod 3 & Soi 1 (xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx) (xxx, xxx) xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx Use 3 Pointing Fingers. These are a group of 4, a group of 2 and 4 at small sois.
11 06:40 - 08:45 10 สี่แยกครัวย / Chaya Resto Intersection (xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx) (xxx, xxx, xxx) (xxx, xxx, xxx) Use 4 Pointing Fingers. Here are 2 groups of 3 & 1 of 4
12 06:40 - 08:30 4 ซอยภูเก็ต ฟิง ปาร์ค / LPT U-Turn after Fishing Park xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx We Laager here sometimes.
13 06:40 - 08:45 3 สี่แยก¡รุจําปา/ Pru Champa Intersection xxx, xxx, xxx
14 06:40 - 08:45 2 าน¡รุจําปาบ้าน¡รุสมภาร / Pru Champa - Pru Sompan Village xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
15 05:30 - 09:30 2 แยกทางเข้าบ้าน¡รุสมภาร (ถนนเท¡กกระ¬ัตรี / Entrance onto 402 Highway xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
16 05:40 - 09:30 2 ามแยกบ้าน¡รุสมภาร  สามแยก«าลาแดง / Old Airport Road Junction xxx, xxx
17 05:30 - 10:00 4 ามแยก«าลาแดงซอยข้างโรงเรียนเมºองถลาง / Muang Thalang School Road Entrance (3029) Sam Song, Where The Fuck Is Fagan, xxx, xxx Use 2 Pointing Fingers
18 06:40 - 10:00 3 ามแยกÄนซอยข้างโรงเรียนเมºองถลาง / Pak Plee Village Entrance Junction (3029) xxx, xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
19 06:00-11:00 2 ห้าแยก¡รุสมภาร / Pru Sompan Junction (3017 - 3029 - 4031) Gorgeous You Wanker, No Cup, Gerbil, Mona Lisa Use 2 Pointing Fingers
26 07:00 - 10:30 3 ามแยกบ้านสาคู / Sakoo Village Junction (4031 - 4018) xxx, xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
27 07:00 - 10:30 2 ามแยกโรงเรียนบ้านสาคู / Sakoo School Junction No Moral Compass, Gier Box Use Pointing Finger
34 07:50 - 11:00 2 ซอยลายัน 1 ถ¹ง อังสนาวิลล่า ขากลับ / Angsana Villa - Double Pool Villa Junction, Way back to Transition xxx, xxx
35 07:45 - 10:50 3 มแยกโรงซักรีด / LSC Company Junction xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
36 07:50 - 11:00 2 ห้าแยกพรุสมภาร / Laguna Home - Laguna Link Junction xxx, xxx
38 07:50 - 11:00 2 มแยกร้านเบค / Bake Junction xxx, xxx Use Pointing Finger
1 07:30 - 12:30 1 มแยกร้านเบค / Canal Village Entrance: Run Course xxx Use Pointing Finger
2 07:30 - 12:30 4 / Allamada Junction & Laguna Link Road xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx Use 4Pointing Fingers
  • Arrive early, road access will be blocked 20 minutes before the start.
  • Have hat, sunscreen, water & raincoat. A stool & umbrella won't be extra.
  • Stay on station until sweep vehicles pass.

Sunday Bike & Bike Sprint Courses & Run Maps

SUNDAY LPT Bike Course & Bike Sprint Course

LPT19 SUNDAY Bike Course
click to view PDF

These are NEW PDF map files that match the 'new' numbering system, individual intersections and manpower requirements. Click on these maps to open/view. These are large pdf files and may open slowly. You can save a copy to your computer.

View in Google maps: Click to view map. This is a great way to study your location. You can turn off & on the courses to see them clearly for improved understanding. And you can PRINT your location.

LPT19 Road Numbering

Your Location Road Numbering looks like this.

SUNDAY LPT19 Run Course

LPT19 SUNDAY Run Course
click to view PDF
Phuket Hash House Volunteering
Address: c/o Expat Hotel, 163/17 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pee Road
Patong, Kathu
Phuket 83150 Thailand
Contact: Fungus
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